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                                 FeaturesTotal Cost Additional Amount
Package 1Extend listing 3 more days to 10 days
Set opening bid higher than $9.99
Add 'Buy it Now' option to quickly sell your stuff at a Fixed Price



Package 2Reserve Price Auction--lets you set the minimum price up to $199.99 that you will accept for your stuff.  This is fully refundable when you item sells.


Package 3Reserve Price Auction (same as above) and allows you to set a price over $200.00.1% of the
price (max)

Package 4Listing upgrade - Add optional features to promote your items.
            Home Page Featured
            Featured Plus
            Gallery Featured

  $  5.00

Total additional fees (must be paid in advance)   $_______

Please allow us to advise you on selecting any of these additional features.  Our goal is to get you the most return for your items.