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Let's keep this simple--    WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID!

We have designed a Full Service Selling plan that gets both of us paid to the maximum.  The more that you make--the more we make.  We are a team!

Our Full Service Selling plan is FREE to you regardless of whether your stuff sells.  That means that you pay-

  • No eBay scheduled listing fees
  • No eBay insertion fees
  • No eBay picture fees
  • No eBay listing designer fees
  • No eBay final value fees
  • No market research fees
  • No credit card fees

  • All eBay services identified by the fees shown above.
  • A current market analysis of your stuff to determine value.
  • Flexible opening price selection up to $9.99.
  • Gallery photo.
  • Additional photo images as we feel necessary to fetch the best price.
  • 7-day listing
  • A secure transaction processing system that gets your money in 2 weeks.